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Phil Spencer Says “In The Future” Sony and Nintendo Communities Should Be Considered A Part Of Xbox Community

Phil Spencer has been someone that we here at The Outerhaven have ragged on quite a bit. Just listen to the latest episodes of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast for proof of that because he’s given us PLENTY to make fun of him on. But now, he’s almost digging himself a grave with some of the “unique things” he said in a translated interview with Famitsu. So what did he do to draw the ire of gamers this time? Well, he was asked by the magazine about what it would take to grow the Xbox community as a whole.

That’s not a bad question to ask, and Phil Spencer did have an answer. It just wasn’t the one that you would expect:

“Just as how we consider ROG Ally and Steam Deck users as part of the Xbox community, we have to think of the many Nintendo Switch and PlayStation users as part of the Xbox community as well going forward.”

Most people consider this a reference to the growing reach of the Xbox Game Pass, but with Spencer and Xbox, you never know. Don’t forget, this guy thought about buying Nintendo and said The Big N’s future was “only in software,” which hasn’t panned out in the slightest.