Frieza vs Megatron, Death Battle

Galactic Tyrants Clash As Death Battle Brings Forth Frieza vs Megatron

Death Battle has been on a “mini-trend” over the last month as they dropped the two “Champion’s Ballot” winners back to back (sorry for not posting Colex!), but now, they’re back to their “regularly scheduled program” with Frieza vs Megatron! That’s right, two of the most infamous villains in fictional history are about to clash to see who is truly worthy of ruling the universe. And yes, there will be monologuing.

Another treat for Death Battle fans is that this fight is being rendered in 3D by Devil Artemis, one of the best animators in the world today who does loads of content that you should totally check out! But in the meantime, check out Frieza vs Megatron below!

And next time on Death Battle…? It’s the anime clash that fans have been asking for since two super popular anime debuted. It’s Gojo vs. Makima!