Bill Cipher vs Discord, Death Battle

Chaos Reigns As Bill Cipher vs Discord Arrives In Death Battle!

Death Battle has a reputation for not just giving fans “epic clashes” between beloved franchises and characters, but they’re also known for “pushing the bounds” of what can happen in their fights. After all, they’ve had Deadpool, The Mask, The Kool-Aid Man, Silver Surfer, and more come in and change things for the better (or the worse when it comes to Deadpool being Deadpool…). But today, everything gets cranked up to eleven as Bill Cipher vs Discord has arrived, and the show might never be the same.

For those unaware, this was the first of two Death Battle Champions matches that were voted on last year. That shows a lot about the love for these characters, as well as their respective series in Gravity Falls and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Sure enough, these are two of the most powerful reality warpers out there, and if you think you know how this fight is going to end…you’re wrong.

Check out Bill Cipher vs Discord below!

And then…next time on Death Battle…we’re getting the matchup that the Champions of the brand ALSO voted on. The next fight will be a 3D matchup between Alex Mercer of Prototype and Cole McGrath from Infamous! See you in two weeks!