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Yakuza Creator Is Up For Returning To F-Zero

Look, Nintendo fans are always hungry for more titles from the vast library of franchises that The Big N has under its belt, and you’d think that with the Nintendo Switch being as popular as it is that they would happily “invest” in bringing some more franchises “back to life” to see if they would do well in the modern day. And yet, they’ve been very selective with what they’ve chosen to bring back into the fold. Or, in the case of F-Zero, leave out in the cold.

F-Zero hasn’t had a game released in 19 years, and yet Captain Falcon remains one of the most popular Smash Bros characters! Many developers who have worked on his titles in the past have said that they would be interested in a return to the series. Now, we can include producer Toshihiro Nagoshi in the mix, as the man who helped make the last console entry for the series told VGC:

“This is a very nostalgic game title for me, and that was when I learned how to create a high quality game to satisfy a fanbase,” Nagoshi said. “I learned a lot, and if there was a chance, I wouldn’t mind working on it again.”

He did make it clear that it’s up to Nintendo to greenlight such a project. Frankly, since they’re not doing anything with the IP themselves, they should let another team bring it back to life! The fans want it, the dev teams want it,  and it could sell well! So why not try it?