Lies of P has some decent starting weapons

What is the best starting weapon in Lies of P?

As you begin your adventure in the city of Krat, you’ll have to decide what the best-starting weapon in Lies of P is for you. You’ll get quickness from the Path of the Bastard, while the Path of the Sweeper provides great strength. Personally, I made the wrong choice when I first began, The Path of the Cricket. Here’s what I’d recommend for the best-starting weapon in Lies of P.

Which is the best-starting weapon in Lies of P?

Best starting weapon in Lies of P

Typically in most Soulslike games, I pick the all-around option. You have the speed to avoid most attacks and the strength to take on major bosses.

However, in Lies of P, the best pick is the Path of the Sweeper: Strength. It may be slower than the other two picks, but the damage from this weapon is much greater. When an enemy or boss is staggered, I found that I had more damage potential with the Greatsword of Fate than the other weapons. The damage reduction rate of the Greatsword of Fate Blade while guarding is also effective.

The Path of the Bastard may be fast, but the hits from Wintry Rapier are so weak that it’s not worth it. The Guard Parry Fable Art is neat, however, as you can deflect hits and counter with a powerful attack. The Puppet’s Saber Blade is okay at damage output, but the weapon’s reach is way too low when compared to the Greatsword of Fate.

Can you change your weapon style later?

Where to buy alternate starting weapons in Lies of P

Yes, you can change your weapon style. You are not stuck with a certain path. You’ll be able to buy these weapons you’ve skipped over from a merchant near The Parade Master boss fight. They are relatively cheap, so you can experiment with the alternative weapons if you’re not satisfied with the Greatsword of Fate. Everyone has different preferences. Some like to hit quickly, while others like a deeper, slower strike. The Greatsword of Fate, however, did help me greatly during the Mad Donkey fight.