The Mad Donkey in Lies of P

How to beat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P

The Mad Donkey in Lies of P is the second major boss you’ll come across. He’ll get right in Pinocchio’s face and do a consistent yet powerful combo every few seconds. It’s a lot to handle, but not to worry. That’s why you’re checking out this Lies of P boss guide. Here’s how to beat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P without major issues.

Make sure to equip the right resources

Lies of P life amulet

Before attempting this battle, make sure you have Amulets and Defense Parts equipped that will help you manage the Mad Donkey’s strength in Lies of P. I had the Life Amulet on, which increases Pinocchio’s max HP. Additionally, I found some Defense Parts that improved the Physical Damage Reduction Rate. Make sure you can take on this boss’ powerful attacks head-on, in case he gets a hit in on you.

When you first come across the Mad Donkey, he’ll be after Geppetto, who’s trapped in a carriage. He screams about how the puppets he made have ruined the world around them. He then turns his attention to you.

General strategy on how to take out the Mad Donkey in Lies of P

Lies of P's Mad Donkey has a weakness

The Mad Donkey will strike at you with mostly vertical strikes. Rather than stepping back to avoid his strikes, go to the right. At multiple times during the battle, his back was open to my character. At these moments, you can get critical hits by holding the light attack button. It’s R1 on PlayStation systems. He’ll take a lot of damage from these hits alone, and he’ll be encumbered for two seconds on the ground, letting you get in a few extra strikes.

When the Mad Donkey goes red, make sure you dodge out of the way quickly. You can’t block these strikes, but if you feel brave, you can try to parry these desperate attacks. You’ll need skill, however, to pull it off. You can also use your Puppet String to pull the Mad Donkey towards you. It will interrupt his combo string, letting you get a few cheeky hits in.

After dodging and slashing your foe at the most opportune moments, the Mad Donkey will fall. He “demanded the truth,” but now he must face the consequences.  Congrats! Now that you’ve saved Geppetto, you can move on with the storyline in Lies of P