Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo Announces End To Mario Kart Tour Content

Nintendo has had a mixed bag of mobile titles release over the last several years. They tried to start things off on a good note with Super Mario Run, but they quickly ran into backlash. Then, Fire Emblem Heroes came out and helped make them a billion dollars thanks to the gacha system. Other titles like Pikmin Bloom and more have also had mixed success. But quietly, Mario Kart Tour has been one of their longest-lasting titles, and has frequently gotten content updates. However, that is about to end.

ResertEra has revealed that Nintendo posted a notice about Mario Kart Tour, and they note that all updates will end on October 4th:

“From October 4 on, tours will consist of content from tours that have appeared before,” the post reads. “No new courses, drivers, karts, or gliders will be added following the Battle Tour starting October 4. We hope you continue to enjoy playing Mario Kart Tour.”

So unlike games like Dr. Mario World, the title will still be playable. However, there won’t be anything new from it. Many are hoping this means that Nintendo is working on the next series entry, which many have wanted for years, and could arrive on Nintendo’s next system.