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How to Respec in Lies of P

Lies of P is Neowiz and Round8 Studio’s latest Soulslike, and it’s an amazing game, hands down. However, just like any Soulslike, the game can get tough, and at times you wonder if you made the right choices when it comes to allocating your points to your character’s stats and abilities. But thankfully, you can respec (reset your specs) your character, but just not immediately.

But, you’re wondering how you can respec your character. Well, that’s what this guide is all about.

How to respec your character in Lies of P

Sadly, Lies of P doesn’t do a good job explaining things, and it wasn’t until much later that I discovered I could respec my character. However, you can’t do it until much later in the story, not until you get to chapter seven, at the Grand Exhibition building, and only after you’ve beaten its main boss, Champion Victor.  This guy reminds me of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk character, but he likes wrestling and boxing.

Lies of P - Champion Victor

On your way to battle Champion Victor, you’ll encounter a door you can’t open. It tells you that you need the “Saintless of Mercy Gallery Key.” This key is a drop from beating Champion Victor.

Once you’ve beaten Champion Victor, head back to this door and open it. Once there, you’ll find a save spot, a familiar character, and the Saintless of Mercy statue.

Upon inspecting the statue, you’ll notice that you can reset your stats: Level, P-Organ, and Legion Arm. This will effectively let you fix any mistakes you make along the way in terms of your stats.

However, there’s a catch! You must have some Gold Coin fruit, as that’s the currency the statue takes. You can only get up to 8 Gold Coin Fruits at a time, and they can be picked every 10 minutes unless you use a booster. Thankfully, the tree is located in Hotel Krat. The first time you reset your statues, it will only cost you 12 Gold Coin Fruit. But after that, the price continues to go up.

This means that you are forced to go back and pick fruit, and the process of trying to see what works and what doesn’t becomes a pain. The more you try to figure out the best build, the more the price increases to respec. But it’s better than going back and restarting the game over again.

But there you go; now you can reset your stats and respec your character in Lies of P.

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