Pokemon Paldea Winds

First Episode of Pokemon Paldea Winds Drops

If you’ve been a fan of the Pokemon anime over the last several years, you’ll know that The Pokemon Company has been doing its best to not only rely on the mainline show but also create spinoffs that touch the corners of the Pokemon world in various ways. Heck, there’s even an animated series about the trading card game! But just as important as that are the spinoff series that tell deep and emotional stories about people and Pokemon. That trend continued today with the release of Pokemon Paldea Winds.

The series takes place within the realm of Gen 9, aka Paldea, and features new main characters to go alongside some old favorites that may appear in episode one. Like those other miniseries, the animation is incredible, and the story is one that will make you smile…or cry…it depends on how you view it. Check out the first episode of Pokemon Paldea Winds below: