Pokemon Horizons

Pokemon Horizons Gets Official English Dub Trailer

It’s never easy to try and attach yourselves to a “sequel series” that isn’t quite like the original. For Pokemon they’ve been following the journey of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu for over 25 years! But now, a new series has come in Pokemon Horizons, promising new characters, adventures, and the newest region getting involved. The first episodes of the new series have already aired in Japan, but we’ve been waiting patiently in the rest for our turn. Thankfully, at San Diego Comic-Con, we got news on that front.

They dropped the official English Dub Trailer for Pokemon Horizons and it looks and sounds good. We’ll follow the adventures of Liko and Roy as they get their Pokemon and find themselves wrapped up in mysterious circumstances involving unique items. You can check out the trailer below…

…and if you want MORE…The Pokemon Company dropped a 10-minute sneak peak!