Martian Manhunter vs Silver Surfer

Death Battle Gets Cosmic With Martian Manhunter vs Silver Surfer

We’re halfway through Death Battle Season 10, and for the third time, we’ve gotten a DC Comics versus Marvel matchup. Not that this is a bad thing, as these episodes often perform well and showcase how much love there is for these franchises. In today’s episode, we got a cosmic clash via Martian Manhunter vs Silver Surfer. At first, these two may not seem to have many similarities, but as you find out when you watch, they have far more in common than you think.

They’re sage warriors who have witnessed the destruction of worlds and yet keep pushing forward so that others don’t suffer as they have. Plus, they’re absolute powerhouses that can take on just about anyone in the universe. Death Battle also pulls some unique twists with this fight, so watch Martian Manhunter vs Silver Surfer below to see how it all goes down:

Then, next time on Death Battle, we’re getting the first of the “Champions Ballot” matchups! Bill Cipher versus Discord promises to be a reality-warping extravaganza, and the team have been excited about this one for a while! So come back in two weeks to see how it all plays out!