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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Will Bring Back Past Starters!

At this point, you know that the first part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, called “The Teal Mask,” is coming out on September 13th. It’ll take you to a new land where a special festival will introduce you to four unique Pokemon. One of those four is said to be an “ogre,” and you’ll have to deal with it. While we don’t know the release date for the second DLC pack, “The Indigo Disk,” we did get a new trailer drop today that revealed some new information!

As you’ll see in the Twitter video below, The Indigo Disk will bring back every starter from past generations for you to collect via the biomes in The Blueberry Academy! So if you’ve been missing your favorite starter, now’s your chance to get them! The video also reveals some brand new moves for Pokemon that are already in the game and ones that are coming via the DLC, like the Paradox form of Raikou.

The final tease is arguably its most intriguing. The “gimmick” of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was the Tera Types that would transform your Pokemon into type-infused gem forms. According to the trailer, a new Tera Type is coming, and it seems to be tied to a legendary Pokemon and might be the literal “Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.”