Pokemon Presents, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Presents Highlights – DLC Dates, Mew and Mewtwo, and More!

It’s always interesting when a Nintendo Direct or a Pokemon Presents showcase comes around. Why? Because you never know what Nintendo or The Pokemon Company are going to show off during the course of the video. Sure enough, the latest Poke-presentation was nearly 35 minutes long! However, as many have noted, it wasn’t exactly filled with lots of groundbreaking announcements. But that doesn’t mean it was pointless either, as we did get some key information about some DLC and other things. We’ll provide the highlights below.

For example, the Pokemon Trading Card Game had numerous elements in the Pokemon Presents today. A new animation series was revealed in “Path to the Peak” that was based on the game. Furthermore, more details were given for some upcoming events featuring the card game, and the original Game Boy title about the TCG is available now on Nintendo Switch Online!

Next, we got another trailer for Detective Pikachu Returns! We got a breakdown of the cast of characters in Rime City and a glimpse at some of the mysteries and mayhem that will be going on. You’ll be needed plenty of coffee once October 6th rolls around!

To those who have been enjoying Tera Raids, there is a special set of Pokemon waiting for you! Specifically, you can get Mew AND Mewtwo in Gen 9 via a Mystery Gift offering and a Tera Raid battle. The presentation has the full details (at 20:56) so tune in and get those legendaries!

Finally, and most importantly, we got a cavalcade of new information about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.” We got new glimpses and story details of the new land of Kiwakami and the Blueberry Academy, as well as insight into the characters, Pokemon, mini-games, new abilities, and more you’ll see! But most importantly of all, the first part, “The Teal Mask,” will arrive on September 13th!

Check out the full Pokemon Presents showcase below!