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PlayStation Plus Yearly Price Hike Announced for all Tiers

PlayStation has announed that it will be raising the prices of its yearly PlayStation Plus tiers, Essential, Extra, and Premium, as of 6th September 2023. This was revealed via its upcoming PlayStation Plus Essential titles for September 2023. Those happen to be Black Desert, Generation Zero, and Saints Row.

According to PlayStation, the price hike is necessary and was to “enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service.” While no one likes price hikes, they are a necessary evil to keep the lights on or do more things for most companies. However, in addition to the price changes, PlayStation isn’t throwing in anything extra to make everyone feel better.

It’s just a price hike, pure and simple, and I can’t understand why PlayStation needed this. Especially since it was just a year ago that it added the three PS Plus tiers and demanded more money from us.

Of course, you may have noticed that the monthly and quarterly subs aren’t being touched due to those already bringing PlayStation a healthy amount of money. This is only addressing the 12-month/annual subscriptions.

Once the price hikes are put into place, this is how the pricing structure will look for all three tiers:

PS Plus Essential – Old Price ($59.99) / New Price ($79.99)
PS Plus Extra – Old Price (99.99) / New Price ($134.99)
PS Plus Premium – Old Price ($119.99) / New Price ($159.99)

Looking at the new pricing already tells me that some people will think hard about this, especially for the latter two tiers, as both will see a significant price hike. Of course, this will be a no-brainer if you like to play online or fancy the Cloud Saves for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation. Sadly, I can already see people saying this is still the cheaper option of three.

I agree, the news… well, it sucks. No one outside of PlayStation likes the idea, but here we are. Capitalism at work. That said, will you keep subscribing to the PS Plus, or are you rethinking your next move? Let us know in the comments.