Oni Press to Publish BORN DRIVEN Based on the True Story of Wendell Scott

 Oni Press is publishing BORN DRIVEN, an uplifting children’s book by Saxton Moore Jr. and Nolwe Azul Tamis, based on the true story of the first African-American NASCAR champion Wendell Scott. BORN DRIVEN will be published in collaboration with the Wendell Scott Foundation and available in stores this November.


Bold pioneer. Fearless driver. Skilled mechanic. Devoted family man. World War II veteran. Danville, Virginia, native Wendell Scott was all of those things and much more. He faced many challenges in his racing career, running on a shoestring budget and never being sponsored. His genius and perseverance led him to become the first African American team owner and driver to compete full time and win in NASCAR. He is the only African American to be inducted into both the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

BORN DRIVEN is based on real events that took place during Wendell Scott’s childhood. Like many other kids, Wendell Scott had a big dream: to become a race car driver. He loved to race anything and everything! Although he faced many difficulties as an African American boy in the South, Wendell had the willpower to overcome these obstacles.

Said Saxton Moore Jr., “I became inspired by the true story of race car driver Wendell Scott. Through all his adversity he never wavered from his “Never give up” mentality and worked hard to pursue his dreams. This motivated me to share his stories and adventures as I followed my passion for becoming a writer. I hope that Born Driven ignites readers to be tenacious in driving their dreams across the finish line.”

“Through reading BORN DRIVEN, young readers can better understand how persistence and willpower can overcome challenges and learn a bit about a real-life historical figure along the way,” said Oni Press editor Grace Scheipeter.

BORN DRIVEN will be available in stores on November 28, 2023.

David Steward II’s Polarity (the parent company of both Oni Press and movie and TV studio Lion Forge Entertainment) inked a deal with Scott 34 Racing in 2021, creating Wendell Scott Ventures to introduce the iconic and groundbreaking life and legacy of Wendell Scott to audiences through films, TV series, docu-series, digital content, games, books, and more through an extensive multi-platform engagement.

“Wendell Scott is an iconic figure in the world of sports and NASCAR racing” said Lion Forge Animation CEO David Steward II. “The publication of BORN DRIVEN is the next step in sharing his story with an even wider audience, so that his life can continue to inspire, for generations to come.”

Source: Press Release