milet’s 3rd Studio Album “5am” Releases on August 30

Japanese singer-songwriter milet comes out with her third studio album, “5amon 30 August!

Prior to the full album, song ‘Living My Life’ (theme song for the Japanese TV series “THE EXPERT OF CHANGING JOBS”) and ‘Hey Song’ is available for streaming and download.

Her new artist photo and cover art for the long-awaited album have been unveiled. The new artworks portray milet surrounded by books in a light that evokes the album title ”5am”. For milet, 5am is a special time when she can feel herself one-on-one, feeling a mixture of hope, loneliness, anxiety, and ambiguity. The photos depict milet spending her time surrounded by books, one of her favorite things. The artworks evoke a variety of emotions, and heighten the expectations for the 3rd album, “5am”.

About the album, milet says:

5am = 5 in the morning

What does this time mean for you? Perhaps it is the time when many of you are sleeping or just awakening. 5am is a special time for me when I can feel myself one-on-one, with a mixture of hope, loneliness, anxiety, and ambiguity.

Sometimes I see the morning glow from the window and get excited about today’s day, and sometimes I wish the night happens to be back again. It is morning for someone, and night for someone. 5am, when I miss you, 5am, when I am happy on my way home, 5am, when I am exhausted the morning after an all-night vigil, and 5am on my bed alone, immersed in the world of books, not wanting anyone to disturb me. I love myself at any 5am.

The album “5am” is a playlist that depicts my inner mind. I wish these songs could get into the cracks of your heart and make sounds in your time.

Album “5am” TRACKLIST:

  1. Clan (5am mix) ———– Open-world RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’ theme song
  2. Koi Kogare —————– Anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc” Ending theme song
  3. Living My Life ————- TV series “THE EXPERT OF CHANGING JOBS” theme song (OUT JULY 31)
  4. Noël In July
  5. b r o k e n
  6. Before the Dawn ——— PEUGEOT Japan NEW 308 CM Song
  7. Into the Mirror
  8. Walkin’ In My Lane —— TV Series “Involvement in Family Affairs” theme song
  9. Hey Song
  10. Flare ————————- Anime “Ranking of Kings” 2nd Cour Ending theme song
  11. You made it
  12. Always You (5am mix) –- Movie “TANG AND ME” theme song
  14. Final Call ——————– Movie “Seven Secretaries: The Movie” theme song
  15. December

Source: Press Release