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Metroid Dread Team Teases Two “Large” Projects Are In The Works By Them!

2021 was a big year for Nintendo, and one of the reasons for that was the release of Metroid Dread. It was the first big Metroid title on console in many years, and it didn’t disappoint. The team at MercurySteam proved that they could take on the universe of Samus Aran and deliver meaningful adventures, and fans turned out to play it. By their own admission, the game sold over 3 million units, which makes it the best-selling title in the franchise. But as is the case with these things, the question now becomes…what’s next?

According to a financial report, MercurySteam is working on a couple new titles right now, and that could mean big things for Nintendo fans should they be in the works for the Switch or the next Nintendo system. It’s not confirmed if this is a follow-up to Metroid Dread or another franchise entirely, but given how well they apparently worked with Nintendo, the potential is there for something huge.