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MercurySteam Praises Nintendo For Letting Them Do Metroid Dread

For a long time, Metroid wasn’t being used. Then it came back thanks to a pair of games, one of which started a trilogy headed up by Retro Studios. However, after that trilogy ended, the franchise once again fell to the wayside. Then along came MercurySteam, who first remade one of the original adventures of Samus Aran and then got to complete a game 15 years in the making via Metroid Dread. The title blended 2D and 3D beautifully and became the best-selling game of the franchise.

MercurySteam CEO Enric Álvarez recently talked about the team’s work on the game and working alongside Nintendo to make it happen. And as he noted to GameReactor, the process could not have gone better:

“We have an excellent understanding of each other. I think that it’s fair to say that over time we became friends. And they are super talented people, super hard-working people. They have a work ethic that is unbeatable. And they are open to accept new ideas and to try them. So, we were also very hungry for leaving our own mark on the franchise. And we never ceased to suggest and propose ideas. And many of them ended up in the final product. So, we are very proud of the collaboration between us and Nintendo. And, yeah, as I said, one of the best development experiences we could possibly dream of.”

Many would hope that this kind of collaboration brings other Nintendo franchises back to life in the future. Fans definitely would love more games of Metroid Dread-level quality out there.