Hammerwatch II Review

Hammerwatch 2 Review – One Step Forward & Two Steps Back

Hammerwatch 2 is the follow-up to the original Hammerwatch game and adds several new features and game mechanics. However, as we found out during this review, the game is less friendly for those wanting to play solo, while multiplayer is a blast and easily the best way to play the game. Find out what we thought about in our Hammerwatch 2 review.

Game Name: Hammerwatch 2
Platform(s):  PC (Reviewed), Switch
Publisher(s): Modus Games
Developer(s): Crackshell
Release Date: August 15, 2023

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Hammerwatch 2 retains the same Dungeons and Dragons feel as the original game, but this time is less friendly for those looking to play the game by themselves. There’s plenty to do, but sometimes it just feels like it was tacked on. Regardless, if you have some friends or randoms to play Hammerwatch II with you, it becomes a better experience.


  • Enjoyable with other people
  • Combat and Crafting is fun


  • Not as single-player friendly as the first game
  • Gets tiresome after a while
  • Pausing to use items is a pain