Finding the New Laser Crystal in The Expanse – A Telltale Series

In the first chapter of The Expanse – A Telltale Series, you will meet your crew and your objective. You work as a scavenger with a team of scavengers. One of your teammates, Virgil has a broken laser crystal that helps him with his medical treatments, and he asks that you find him a new one. In your first mission in the game, there is an area where you can help find a new laser crystal.

When Is The Best Time To Try?

The best time to try to find this crystal is when you get the mission of opening the officer’s quarters on the big ship. It has a marker that will constantly show you where the door is. When you get to the door, turn directly around and follow the path backward to the corpse sitting down. Turn left down the hallway until you get to the opening of the ship to outer space. Once you reach the space area, turn your gravity off in order to fly in space and look up above the giant opening you will be immediately drawn to.

A picture of the location where you can find the new laser crystal

You will be able to see a red light blinking in the opening where you need to go towards. This is a nav beacon and is very helpful at finding stuff your crew thinks will be useful to loot. Once you are in the opening just keep following the path inside the ship and it will then drop to some stairs next to what appears to be a power box. Open the power box and you are good to continue with your journey at scavenging the ship.

Picture of the New Laser Crystal Location in The Expanse

You have now located the side mission goal of finding the new Laser Crystal. Now finish the chapter and hand it over to Virgil.

Chapter 1 of The Expanse – A TellTale Series is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.