Guts Vs Dimitri, Death Battle

Death Battle Lets The Rage Out With Guts Vs Dimitri!

Easily one of the best things about Death Battle is that they love bringing in franchises they haven’t touched on before to help flesh out their potential future matchups. For Nintendo fans, they’ve had numerous franchises touched upon and had fights featuring Mario, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Peach, Zelda, and more. But Fire Emblem Fans were left out in the cold despite having numerous great characters to touch upon. However, at last, their wish has been granted, as Guts Vs Dimitri has arrived! Yep, it’s the Black Swordsman vs. The King of Lions!

We won’t spoil who wins the fight. However, we will say that this is a brutal 3D showcase, and the ending shot won’t be something you expect. We also can’t say whether Fire Emblem will appear in Death Battle again down the line. But given fan desires to see characters like Ike, Edelgard, Lucina, and more in the series…there is hope.

You can watch Guts Vs Dimitri below!

As for next time on Death Battle…yep, it’s Marvel vs. DC Comics again! But this time, it’s the Martian Manhunter vs. The Silver Surfer! How’s that for an unexpected pairing? See you in two weeks for that one!