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Undawn Survival Kit – Looking at Undawn Merchandise

Undawn, the zombie survival game on Mobile and PC released on June 15th, 2023. It seems to have garnered a following that has both excited some players of mobile games and also made other players dislike the mobile genre more.

There is always a risk in focusing on mobile and eventually porting that game to PC, but the same could be said of porting a PC game to mobile. Regardless of your thoughts on the actual game itself and what it brings to the table for a zombie survival game, I was lucky enough to have been sent an Undawn Survival Kit in response to the game’s successful launch.

I thought sharing what was inside that survival kit with those reading at The OuterHaven would be fun.

Picture of all that includes in the Survival Kit for Undawn

Thirst Quencher

The first item that drew my attention was the thermos in this Undawn Survival Kit. The quality of the thermos itself is very pristine. It was created by the Yeti brand, and it looks to be made of a very high-quality material. It is heavy and has a magnetic top. Sipping from the top requires you to press down on a certain part of the top and then slide it backward. To slide it back to the closing position requires you to press down on the other side of the top and slide it over. Yeti calls it a tumbler, but I will continue to call it a thermos because I am set in my ways of names.

Close up shot of the Undawn Tumbler

Staying Plugged In

The next item is honestly the one I am most excited about, the external battery charger. This is a battery charger created by Nimble and lasts for 10,000 mAh worth of energy. What does this mean? mAh is known as milliamp Hours. It is ultimately a measure of the capacity of batteries and how much energy they can hold. 10,000 is on the higher end of medium-sized external battery chargers.

It will last you a good chunk of time before you need to charge it again. For being a medium-sized external battery, the actual size of the device itself is rather small. This will make it feasible to bring along with you your phone and tablet or anything else that is portable that might require more battery life.

Photo of the included Battery Charger and Cord for Undawn Survival Kit

Hot Head

One thing I was not expecting to come with this survival kit was the beanie. It is a fairly well-made beanie with the Undawn Logo nicely centered. This will make a nice addition to my collection of beanies, though it may not exactly match how many Star Wars ones I have collected over the years. It was fairly warm but not the warmest one I have tried.

A picture taken of the beanie included with the Undawn Survival Kit

Staying Warm

One of the most useful things that came with the survival kit was a big work material jacket. It looks like the design of the jacket itself was created by Carhartt. Very nice quality that has a heavy outer layer and a smaller yet warm inner layer. I didn’t want to test it for too long, though, since it is already really warm where I currently am, with a temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

This jacket will get lots of use once the winter hits, though! There were big pockets that let you put a good variety of small things inside them. I did check, and yes, it fits my phone and the external battery charger, which is essential.

Picture of the Coat included with the Undawn Survival Kit

Tying Everything Together

The big thing that held all these items was a large carry bag with the Undawn logo velcroed to the side. It was big and bulky, but it can be carried and was able to house all the items you have seen in this breakdown.

It reminds me of one of those football high school sports bags you would see athletes carry around. It can house a lot more gear than was included due to the three side pockets, and it even has a Level Infinite logo on one of the side pockets.

A top down view of the big back included in the Undawn Survival Kit

When in use, these items will help you greatly as you play Undawn. Having water with you, staying warm, and having your phone charged is all you can ask for in an apocalypse. Maybe some food, but I wouldn’t trust that in a survival kit needing to be shipped. Heck, I don’t even trust food from Amazon.