Undawn Level Infinite Will Smith

New details revealed for zombie survival PC and mobile game Undawn

Undawn is a new game being created by Level Infinite and Lightspeed Studios. Level Infinite is also the developer behind Tower of Fantasy. It is set in a Zombie apocalypse with a lot of gameplay that is focused on survival and mowing down hordes of zombies.

This is marketed as a mobile game experience. It is important to note that it will be zombie survival, but it also is focused on building and understanding the characters that are in the game. It is an impressive feat when you look at the trailers and gameplay elements to have it be a mobile phone experience with what is going to be in the game. Weather conditions and nighttime and daytime elements will be in it. It has a large variety of customization in what you want to build. Surviving some aspects of the game will require players to squad up in order to survive.

The big news that we got today is that actor and rapper Will Smith will join the roster of Undawn as a legendary survivor, Trey Jones. Having Will Smith in this game might give us some fun I Am Legend references considering the character he played in that movie. Either way, it is exciting to see how this game will play out and how many people will be able to survive the Undawn.

Undawn will release on June 15th, 2023 for PC, Android and iOS. You can pre-register on the Undawn website.