Pokemon: To Be a Pokémon Master, Pokemon To Be A Pokemon Master Review

Pokemon: To Be a Pokémon Master Arriving On Netflix In September

It’s hard to think about the Pokemon franchise without Ash Ketchum. Though he’s only been in a few spinoff video games, he’s one of the faces of the franchise alongside his buddy Pikachu. They are the embodiment of the ultimate underdog, and a duo that will always push through no matter what. Yet, like with all journeys in life, it’s time to say good. Today, at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that the final episodes with Ash, called Pokemon: To Be a Pokémon Master, will air on Netflix on September 8th.

The episodes will follow what happened at the “end” of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, where Ash became a World Champion by beating Leon, and he wonders what he has to do to become the Pokemon Master of his dreams. The first trailer for the English Dub is below and highlights the journey from episode 1 to now and teases some old friends coming back to see Ash off.