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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 335 – Powerful Deaths

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here! We apologize for the absence last week, but we promise it was for a good reason, and we’ll make it up to you here!

First, the team talk about their latest gaming exploits! Todd discusses Ghost Trick Dead Detective, XC3’s Future Redeemed DLC, Mass Effect 3, and Persona 4 Golden! Will meanwhile has dived into the Pikmin 4 demo and has an in-depth breakdown for you! Scott, meanwhile, has continued with Trails and has even finished Final Fantasy XVI! Finally, Faith talks Redfall…because she’s one of the few people to actually finish it!

Then, in the news, the team discusses how F-Zero and Banjo-Kazooie are being viewed by their publishers! They also discuss Pokemon in its many forms, how Daddy Sakurai wants to bring back Kid Icarus Uprising, Xbox continues to make itself look stupid, and Ed Boon wants Mortal Kombat characters in Super Smash Bros!

Finally, in the spirit of Ed Boon’s wish, the team gets violent and talk about what would happen if Nintendo characters used Fatalities!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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