Pokemon Concierge

Netflix’s Pokemon Concierge Series Gets New Teaser

You can’t deny that one of the reasons that Pokemon has existed for as long as it has isn’t solely because of the mainline video games. While those are the backbone, The Pokemon Company has gone above and beyond to ensure that the property reaches far and wide to all sorts of fans. That includes multiple takes on the franchise in anime form, making all sorts of toys, a playable card game, spinoff games that touch other genres, etc. Fast forward to now, and Netflix is taking things one step forward with the series Pokemon Concierge.

While we still have minimal details on this new series, Netflix has dropped a new teaser for it, and in it, we see the presumed main character along with her partner Psyduck as they get ready to take care of the hotel.

As you can see in the tweet, Pokemon Concierge is coming this December, so we might only have to wait a little bit longer to get a full trailer. But based on what we’re seeing, there will be some Poke-hijinks in this hotel.