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Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Part 3 Is Now On Netflix!

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys has been the culmination of Ash Ketchum’s “world tour.” But all tours must come to an end. Netflix has been VERY slow in releasing these new episodes, but at last, Part 3 is here, and that means you can watch the rest of the Pokemon Master Class battles! That’s right, Ash will be going up against three of the best that the world has to offer, and he’ll need to rely on his skills and Pokemon like never before if he wants to be the champion!

To be clear, yes, Pokemon Ultimate Journeys is the “ending” to the mainline anime in the Pokemon world that’s been going on for decades. However, it’s already been confirmed that Ash’s epilogue journey will eventually come to the West so we can say goodbye properly alongside some old friends. If you haven’t seen my review of Part 2 yet, do so! And check out the trailer for Part 3 below: