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World of Horror Announces a Suitably Spooky Release Date for This Fall

World of Horror has haunted Steam’s early access for some time now. However, the retro horror RPG finally has a release date. Players can dive into the cosmic horror world of well, World of Horror on Thursday, October 19th. The Ysbryd Games-published title received this announcement courtesy of the Guerilla Collective Showcase last week.

As someone who covered the updates on World of Horror at not one, but two PAX East conventions, I don’t want to understate the anticipation for this release date. Developer Panstasz has worked on the game for over five years. The earliest iteration of the horror roguelike first appeared on Steam back in 2020.

And why did it take so long? Much of the work on the Junji Ito-inspired aesthetics occurred in Microsoft Paint. And, most crucially, Panstasz is a one man studio.

But players will finally get the chance to experience the full game this fall. In the seaside town of Shiokawa, players uncover mysteries and rituals to keep eldritch beings from waking up and destroying humanity. The horror! They’ll battle grotesque abominations in turn-based combat. Ancient artifacts and scavenged weapons will aid in this quest. Want more? The full game will feature up to 14 playable characters and 20 different mysteries.

But World of Horror may have endless variation. Why? First because the roguelike game switches up its deck up mysteries for each playthrough. And second, as Panstasz founder explains in a press release, the indie horror game will encourage modding:

“I am forever grateful for the community that has surrounded World of Horror during its years in development. I’m really looking forward to welcoming console players to the true world of horror that PC players have been enjoying and all the wicked content from the PC modding community that will be added to our pool of twisted mysteries!”

Players on PC can currently check out the early access version on Steam. But those on PlayStation 4 and 5 and Nintendo Switch can enjoy the game for $19.99 on October 19th, 2023. Just in time for Halloween.