The Flash

The Flash Movie – 7″ Action Figure & Vehicle Review

As we speed towards The Flash hitting cinemas in June, the figure line has hit store shelves in order to get some of that sweet merchandise synergy money. Without spoiling much from the movie (Note: One character from this line has NOT been seen in any trailer and may be considered a spoiler) we have been given a chance to take a look at this 6 figure assortment includes 2 versions of The Flash, 2 versions of Batman, Supergirl, and Dark Flash, a possible villain for the upcoming movie. We also got a chance to get some hands-on time with The Batmobile, the first time we have gotten a toy version of the 1989 classic in almost 30 years.

Being McFarlane Toys sculpted figures, you know you are going to get some quality figures here. Those unfamiliar with McFarlane Toys, they have been in production with some of the most detailed and consumer-friendly priced action figures on the market, starting with McFarlane’s own Spawn line back in the 1990s, leading through to a production deal with DC to produce their latest Multiverse line of toys featuring things like The Batman, Black Adam, Shazam, and now the upcoming The Flash movie line.

Each Box Includes:

  • Figure
  • Accessories
  • Art card
  • Stand


  • Incredibly detailed 7” scale figure based on The Flash movie
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of posing and play
  • Characters are featured in their looks from The Flash movie
  • Included collectible art card with character art on the front, and character biography on the back
  • Batmobile opens up to seat 7″ scale figures in the driver’s seat


  • Figure Size: 18cm (7″ inches) tall approx
  • Materials: Plastic/Vinyl/Cloth

The Flash

The Flash

“After an accident empowered Barry Allen with the gift of superhuman speed, the young scientist quickly became one of Earth’s most heroic defenders: The Flash. As part of The Justice League, Barry has continued to explore the limits of his powers while trying to outrun the events of his childhood. When he discovers that he has the ability to manipulate time, The Fastest Man Alive races back to a pivotal moment in his past – only to change the future in a Multiverse of ways that he could have never imagined.”

Starting things off is the star of The Flash… The Flash! In this assortment, we get 2 versions of The Flash, with the first one (As seen above) being the “main” Flash from the movie.

The Flash is a simple figure, with his detailing coming in line with most other Flash toys you would have seen over the years. The bright red costume with small yellow accents is as close as the movie is willing to get to any comic book-accurate costume in years, with the CW TV show being the next closest version.

As with all figures in The Flash 7″ assortment, you get a 360-degree head swivel which is connected at the neck, a nice ball joint inside the shoulder slot which also houses a 90-degree ratchet joint for lifting the arm up and down. The arms are solid with a 3-piece elbow ratchet joint giving a nice and tight elbow bend, the same goes with the knee joints as they are made the same way. All the figures have the same three-piece middle section which makes bending them, mostly backward, easy and stress-free on the joints. Most of the figures have a rotating ball/ratchet joint ankle system on their feet, along with a toe joint bend that gives them an amazing amount of pose-ability.

The Flash

The Flash (Batman Costume)

“In an alternate 2013 created by the time-traveling Barry Allen, teenage Young Barry has grown up carefree with the support of both his parents – but is yet to experience the events that will transform him into The Flash. Full of excitement and wonder at the arrival of his older self, visiting in 2022, Young Barry is eager to discover whether he is able to gain the very same powers and become a superhero in his own right.”

This second Flash, being the one from an alternate timeline, is an interesting choice to add to the line. The darker red costume feels a lot more like the more recent versions of The Flash that we have seen in the Justice League movie. The big difference here is the use of the 1989 style Batman cowl, now painted in that deep red of the suit with a yellow lightning bolt covering the Bat symbol, something that due to the solid color and being molded into the suit, can be hard to miss. Luckily, this Flash has enough going for him that you can forgive small oversights in the painting where some of the elbow joints’ black molding gets seen in the front of the figure’s arms and the back of his knees.

To be honest, this Flash looks more like something you would see from WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio than something I would expect from The Flash using part of Batman’s costume in his own design. This figure really comes off as something that was included to fill out the line since we get 2 Batman figures, we would need to balance that out with two of The Flash since this is his movie’s line. The good thing about this figure comes from the accessories, which give off a more thrown thunderbolt design than something that would envelop the figure while he is running, again something that the CW Flash is more known for… Maybe DC should have included that version in the movie rather than a younger version of The Flash like this one is meant to come off as… Since this one actually looks older than the main character version of The Flash.



“Languishing in the bowels of what appears to be a derelict military base, the severely weakened alien Kara Zor-El has been hidden away from the world by those in fear of her colossal power. It remains to be seen if Kara will have the strength to join forces with Barry Allen and become the superhero the world needs: Supergirl.”

Starting things out for the non-Flash characters is Supergirl… Yes, SUPERGIRL, not Superwoman like some people online have been saying. While this really does come off as a “just putting a female character in the movie for the sake of diversity checklists” thing, this figure of Supergirl is actually one of my favorites of his assortment. I think this comes from the costume itself, a simple yet fitting redesign of the Superman-style costume that we are used to, but also looks very different from all the other Supergirl costumes we’ve seen in comic books, TV, and film thus far. It’s a sleek design that looks traditional but suitable for the “modern audience” female superhero, no skirt, mid-drift, thigh shots, nothing; a streamlined costume that hasn’t been seen in the movies thus far… But takes cues from recent CW changes and more modern comic adaptations.

There are two other things that make this Supergirl figure stand out from the others: The cape and the stand. The cape, unlike the two Batman figures below, is made from soft molded plastic which gives Supergirl a really nice look while posed in a flying way, but other than that it doesn’t hold any function. As the great character Edna Mode liked to say “No capes!”, I think this would have been a better look for not only this figure but the character design as a whole. That being said, the other thing I mentioned, the stand, is a great accessory here. The simple claw on the end of a raised stand gives the Supergirl figure a floating or flying look to it that is something different from the other figures, making it stand out a lot. However, it does limit the pose-ability of the figure to those two modes really, something that could be fixed with… NO CAPES!!


The Batman

“Under the guise of masked vigilante Batman, billionaire Bruce Wayne has not only stepped out of the shadows to become the reluctant leader of The Justice League but is also a friend and mentor to teammate Barry Allen. Having experienced loss on personal, local, and global fronts, Bruce is a source of unparalleled knowledge and understanding to The Flash in his superhero journey.”

The Batman is the movie “main universe” version of the character. This is the one that Ben Affleck plays in Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This version is a more armored version of the character that has become popular in movies and video games over recent years, and this figure reflects that. The figure itself is extremely solid with the same joints as a majority of the other figures, with two exceptions. The first is the head, which only has about a 45 degree of motion overall, meaning it can only look partially left or right, and the other is rotating thigh joints which allow the figure to move its legs in more directions than all the other figures. Much unlike the Supergirl figure above, both Batman figures come with cloth capes, which work really well for the figure while standing, but do not give too much to other poses.



“When Barry Allen arrives in an alternate 2013, he urgently seeks out the expertise of his friend and mentor Bruce Wayne – but the one he finds in the Multiverse is different on all fronts: older, long-retired from service as Gotham City’s protector, and somehow even more hardened than the billionaire superhero Barry has grown to know. With a global threat on the horizon, Bruce Wayne must decide whether he can become Batman once more.”

The GOAT! Yeah, I’m not sorry here. I’m a huge fan of the 1989 Batman movie and the sequel Batman Returns. As a kid, I missed the chance to get my hands on that original line of Batman figures, so seeing this version of Batman in The Flash movie line really ignites that fanboy in me once again.

Speaking about the figure itself, it really captures a lot of the original 1989 look, with the cowl looking like a solid piece, but including a 360-degree head turn, something the original cowl would not do. The rest of the costume looks pretty much like it did in 1989, with the boots looking like a separate piece, along with the wrist gauntlets. The only addition/difference here with the design is that it now had shoulder guards, giving the whole look a more modern yet retro look overall. Coloring-wise, the only problem here is the belt being black, mixing in a lot with the rest of the costume, but a simple paint dip will fix that.

This Batman is the one with a more accurate face sculpt too, actually looking like Keaton’s more chiseled jawline from the 1989 movie, a big difference to the generic-looking Affleck Batman figure who could be any actor under the cowl. This Keaton version actually looks like Keaton and is probably the second-best head sculpt in the line. We also got the extra accessories here, with this Batman coming with a grapple launcher and a weird silver Batarang, both of which work well with the second set of hands that the figure has.

Dark Flash

Dark Flash

“As he pushes the boundaries of his powers, Barry Allen encounters a mysterious and terrifying vision amidst The Speed Force – something, or someone, is seemingly using the abilities of The Flash for nefarious purposes.”

The final figure in The Flash movie line is the spoiler character, Dark Flash.

While I do not know anything about this character in The Flash movie, I know there was a version done in The Flash CW TV Show (Known as Black Flash)… But from what I know, they are not the same character. The only information we get about this character comes from the Data Card that is included with the figure, and that gives away NOTHING in information.

The figure version does exactly like anything released or shown (or accidentally shown) about the character. Dark Flash is an all-black figure, with the exception of a golden yellow scar of a lightning bolt on his chest and some golden scaring on the top of his head. The character also has a lot of rubber “spikes” coming off his outfit, with one on his shoulder impacting against the spikes on the back of the figure’s head if you rotate the head around enough. Other than that, Dark Flash is a solid figure, though somewhat annoying to handle as the spikes do sick out enough in common places where you would hold him in order to get some poses out of him.

This figure of Dark Flash adds to the mystery of the character, as we still know nothing about him after the fact, something that is unique for this figure line. Is this Dark Flash a version of Barry turned evil? Is he the Speed-Force version of the Grim Reaper? Is he a by-product of Flash changing the timeline? No idea, but seeing this design makes me excited to see what this villain can do in The Flash movie.


The Batmobile

“The Batmobile long forgotten and hidden away in the dark recesses of the Batcave, the Batmobile remains one of the greatest weapons of Batman’s crimefighting past. If only someone would rediscover it…”

Lastly, we have one of the three main vehicles that are available with this assortment. The Affleck version of Batman has a Motorcycle that has some great defensive and offensive gadgets on it, as seen in the trailers. There is also the Batplane, a newer modern version of the one from the 1989 timeline, as also seen in the trailers. Then there is this beauty… The BEST Batmobile design ever!! (I’ll fight anyone on this)

The Batmobile that we see here is a larger version of the one that was released back in the 1989 Batman movie assortment. It’s a simple shell mold with rolling wheels and an opening cockpit (able to fit the 7″ 1989 Batman into the driver seat). While the 1989 original version had launchable missiles that popped out from the front of the vehicle, this version is more child-safe and does not include this feature. While the overall look and design of this vehicle might come off as a fancy way to display one single figure, it’s probably the best vehicle design that they could have chosen for that purpose. As a consumer-level vehicle, it does exactly what it needs to do and nothing else. If you’re wanting something more technical and fancy, then feel free to drop the $1500 on the Hot Toys version of this vehicle when they release that down the road.

The 1989 Batmobile, along with the 7″ figure assortment are some of the most detailed, yet basic, versions of The Flash movie collectibles that you will find on the market. Some of the figures will bring back that Kenner toy line style and feel with them, giving them a good homage to the superhero line that made most of us fans as children, while giving us that attention to detail that McFarlane Toys can give. If you’re looking for something that is somewhat affordable to begin a collection or want something to give your kids that will start them on the collecting path, then this line of The Flash movie figures might be exactly what you should be looking for.

Review Disclosure Statement: The Flash – 7″ Figure line and Batmobile was provided to us by HeadStart Toys Australia for review purposes. For more information on how we review video games and other media/technology, please go review our Review Guideline/Scoring Policy for more info. The Flash Movie – 7″ Figure Assortment is available from all good toy retailers worldwide.


The Flash movie assortment of figures is some of the most detailed and decently priced DC collectibles I’ve seen in a long time. While the value and detail of some figures are better than others, the series stands out as a great new standard for all DC toys going forwards.


  • The 1989 Batman and Batmobile are amazing
  • Supergirl’s stand is solid and helps the figure stand out
  • Amazing attention to detail across the whole line


  • Supergirl’s molded cape
  • Two Flash designs when one would do
  • No extra knowledge about Dark Flash