Spiderheck PAX East 2022

SpiderHeck Spins Up New Content This Month

Spider-brawler SpiderHeck will see a web of new content arriving this month. The reveal and roadmap for upcoming content arrived courtesy of the Guerilla Collective Showcase. Among the many indie titles announced and talked about, SpiderHeck received an announcement including new map editors, achievements, cosmetics, and levels.

Released last September, SpiderHeck has players duke it out in arachnid chaos, with their seven-legged (six for running, one for fighting) avatars swinging across platforms.  Developed by NeverJam and published by TinyBuild, the game will see updates this month with more on the way. Versus Map Editor no doubt comes as the biggest announcement. Players can craft their own stages, complete with lava floors to end any fallen arachnids.

As for the other updates, SpiderHeck will see new enemies, levels, and platforms arrive later this year. One of these will include levels with laser swords swinging from the ceiling, a suitable chaotic addition to an already chaotic game. No release date for that yet, but this summer will see the arrival of Limited Tiers of Heck. These never-before-seen levels will allow for players to unlock new cosmetic items and rewards. Players will have the ability to track these rewards, and even submit their own levels for NeverJam to add to the game.

In a press release, SpiderHeck creator Uvis Zviedris shared yet another update:

“As promised from the start, we will continue work on new content and updates for SpiderHeck for years to come. Next on the pipeline should be to finally drop an expanding crossplay – PC and Xbox and first, with PlayStation coming later – and dedicated servers for even more spider mayhem!”

There you have it. In our review, we called SpiderHeck “a fun and unique spin on the couch brawler genre.” Currently you can pick up the game on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.