See You In My 19th Life Available in Full on WEBTOON Ahead of Netflix Adaptation Premiere

This week, the new romance drama series “See You In My 19th Life,” directed by Lee Na-Jeong, will make its debut on Netflix. Before becoming the next highly-anticipated K-drama streaming series, the story started as a hit webcomic on WEBTOON, created by Lee Hey. 

The series follows Jieum Ban and her extraordinary ability to remember all of her past lives as she sets out to reconnect with the people of her past life in her current one. After her previous life is cut short by a tragic accident, she sets out to reconnect with the people of her past life in her current one. Will memories of her 18th life sabotage romance in her 19th? Or will love endure across different lives?

The special spin-off episodes, “Memories,” follow young siblings Juwom and Seoha after their mother passes away and has not yet been reincarnated, as they search for an old necklace their mother lost in a small countryside town she frequented and embark on an adventure down memory lane.

The Netflix adaptation of “See You In My 19th Life” is co-produced by Studio N and Studio Finecut. Studio N, a subsidiary of WEBTOON Entertainment that produces stories from the WEBTOON library for TV and film, previously produced the recent global Netflix sensations “Bloodhounds” and “Sweet Home,” which also originated as webcomics on WEBTOON. 

The original “See You In My 19th Life” webcomic became available to WEBTOON readers in the U.S. in December 2020 after making its debut on the Naver WEBTOON platform in Korea in June 2020. 

The complete original webcomic is available to read now, with the first seven episodes available for free. The special spin-off will launch its first five episodes on June 21, with an additional episode rolling out weekly.

You can check out the WEBTOON here:

Source: Press Release