Pikmin 4, Shigeru Miyamoto

Pikmin 4 Demo Available For Download Now!

Many of us are still trying to process the Nintendo Direct that we got last week (hear our full breakdown on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!), but the truth is that we need to look forward to the future now that it’s a bit clearer. To that end, if you’ve been looking forward to Pikmin 4, you now have an opportunity to get your hands on it and test it out before the release next month.

That’s because, on Nintendo’s official page for the game, the Pikmin 4 Demo is now live! While we don’t know how long the demo will be, it’s safe to presume that it’ll be perfect to get familiar with the game and its mechanics. Plus, you’ll likely get the opportunity to create your character and thus have fun with the customization tools.

Knowing Nintendo, they might also let you transfer your save data from the demo to the full title when it releases for Nintendo Switch on July 21st.