Super Mario RPG, Nintendo Direct Recap

Nintendo Direct Recap – Mario Fans Be Eating, Pokemon Fans Be Drinking Coffee!

Today was the day that many fans have been waiting for, as it was time for a new Direct to highlight what The Big N had planned for 2023 and, to a lesser extent, 2024. But the question was, what would they show? Would it be worth it worth the time put in? We’ll give you the highlights in our Nintendo Direct Recap!

Let’s start with one of the biggest pieces of news by far…we’re getting a Super Mario RPG remake!!! Yep, the beloved SNES classic is getting new life on the Nintendo Switch and the game looks GOOD! Plus, you can tell they’re going all out with the presentation while still making it feel like the classic from Nintendo and Square Soft. It’s also been confirmed that the original composer from the game would be coming back to make the new takes on the classic songs! The game will arrive on November 17th!

But that wasn’t all for fans of the plumber, as Mario fans also got the announcement of Super Mario Bros Wonder! This new take on the beloved 2D style of Mario is bringing all sorts of unique gimmicks and changes to make you feel like never before. Oh, and Daisy is a playable character now and Mario…is an elephant? Let’s just roll with it when it arrives on October 20th!

Next up in our Nintendo Direct Recap is Pokemon! The franchise had two big showings at the showcase, including a new trailer highlighting the upcoming DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! No, we didn’t get a release date yet, but we do get new insights into the new regions we’ll visit!

After that, grab your coffee and prepare to solve mysteries as Detective Pikachu Returns! On October 6th, no less!

Other highlights from the Nintendo Direct including a gameplay trailer for Pikmin 4:

The reveal of WarioWare: Move It!:

And so much more, including many 3rd party games from RPGs to life simulators and beyond. So check out the full Direct below!