Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Details “The Last Spark Hunter” Content!

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope was a long-anticipated game on the Nintendo Switch. But the question wasn’t just about the main game and whether it could hold its own to the original (as our review notes, it did!) but rather what the DLC would be. The original game had an expansive DLC that featured many members of the Donkey Kong family. The new game countered this with a three-part DLC expansion that is gearing up for its second part. Today, the official Nintendo Switch News Channel dropped a ton of info on said part.

Check out the official synopsis for said content:

“As they are approaching Cursa’s Stronghold, Mario and his friends detect an intriguing signal from the Melodic Gardens, an enchanting musical planet galaxy-famous for its harmonious biophonies, produced by a beautiful alien-like nature. Suspecting a new Darkmess invasion, the Heroes change their course only to find themselves trapped on a silenced planet.

Explore the Melodic Gardens and investigate to find the origin of the threat looking over this place that was once vibrant with music. Meet the planet’s wild inhabitants, explore the musical jungle and the mysterious ruins scattered around this new biome, and sail through the vast sea and sparkling lakes on your newfound boat. But tread carefully, as new enemies await you on this dangerous path. Golems and Fieldbreakers roam the planet and will provide new tactical challenges, even to the most experienced.

Saving the Melodic Gardens will ask you to face Kanya, the Last Spark Hunter. This highly dangerous and techy villain will stop at nothing to accomplish her nefarious plans. Be aware, stopping her won’t be easy, as she has created an all-powerful never-before-seen weapon: the Mecha King Bob-Omb.”

While we don’t have a full trailer or a release date, it’s possible that both of them will be arriving soon! Plus, we know that Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope’s next DLC will feature Rayman!