Pokemon TCG, Scarlet and Violet
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How To Open Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet Cards

Newcomers (such as myself) to Pokemon TCG might not know this, I surely didn’t, but each pack of Pokemon cards from different series needs to be opened a certain way in order to get the best experience out of each pack of cards. This was something I had often seen streamers do when they would take breaks between playing to open a pack of cards. Well, now that I’ve become a Pokemon card collector, I decided to learn how to open the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Booster packs.

This series of cards is my very first and has already sparked a new love and interest for me. As a person with anxiety, looking at, organizing, playing with, and opening these cards are a great way to destress. So grab your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Booster pack, and let’s get into how to open it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Booster Pack: How To Open

Pokemon TCG, Scarlet and Violet

First things first, rip into the pack – but not too hard, don’t break the cards. Now, don’t flip them over until completing the card transfer. The first card that you will see is the redeem code card for the Pokemon TCG Live online game; take it off and move it to the side. Each pack comes with 12 cards, 1 being the redeem card and another being the energy card, then 10 booster cards, counting these can help make sure the pack hasn’t been messed with.

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Next, remove the very next card and move it to the front. This is done so that all the rarer cards are now located in the back of the deck, meaning the card we moved was the energy card; moving it will allow the first last card to be the rare Pokemon card.

It is quite odd at times how Pokemon Company decides to package their cards, but it is also unique at the same time. Now, make sure to follow this guide, and you will be opening your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet booster pack correctly!

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