Celebrate Pokemon Day with Free Stuff on Pokemon TCGO

This Saturday, February 27th marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. To celebrate, a variety of giveaways and events will be hosted. For Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (which I just started playing recently, after hearing Clinton mention it) all you have to do is log in once within the 24 hour time frame on the 27th to grab the following for free:

-1 booster pack of the new Pokemon: Generations booster pack

-commemorative 20th anniversary Charizard sleeve (most likely untradeable)

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is currently available on PC/Mac and iPad


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Walter Mack
Daily News Staff

Walter is a California native. He is currently in his last year of college pursuing a B.A. in English, but is often mistaken for a freshman...or a middle school tourist on occassion. His earliest gaming experience was Pokemon Red version on the Gameboy color, which he played actively. He would dabble with the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2 for a bit before transitioning to many years of F2P MMOs. He then moved on to League of Legends, with whom he as an on and off again relationship. He currently spends most of his game time on his Playstation 4. He's also a bit of a Marvel nut.