Dark Souls vs Skyrim

Death Battle Brings Soul-Filled Episode via Dark Souls vs Skyrim

Death Battle is back, and if you thought the premiere episode was a little “tame,” you’re about to get your fill of epic action. Why? Because in the 2nd episode of the season, we’re getting Dark Souls vs Skyrim! That’s right! It’s the Chosen Undead vs. The Last Dragonborn, in a battle of who can outlast and overpower the other.

In case you’re curious, the Death Battle team is taking ALL weapons, stats, and abilities into consideration. They even made sure to fully understand the lore from both franchises to ensure they got the scaling right. That’s not easy to do, given these series. The epic 3D fight will be worth every breakdown, so check out Dark Souls vs Skyrim below!

But WAIT! There’s more! The track that was in the episode, made by epic music man Brandon Yates, was helped by a “Death Battle Fan Choir.” And guess what? I’m in it! Check out the A Capella version below and look for my name in the credits!