CRKD’s Nitro Deck Looks to be an Interesting Nintendo Switch Accessory

During IGN’s Summer of Gaming, I noticed a new device called the Nitro Deck was being debuted by a company called CRKD. This device is an interesting take on controller devices for the Switch, as you can drop the Switch into it. If it does what CRKD says, this could become a must-have accessory for the Switch. So, why does it seem so interesting? Read on.

You just place either the original Nintendo Switch or the OLED model into this enclosure, and it instantly enhances the Switch’s already mobile ability. Looking at the information about the device, it then connects to either Switch via the USB-C connection that protrudes from the Nitro Deck.

OK, sure, it’s just an enclosure for the Switch, right? Well, no, as it has some enhancements, such as sporting a pair of Hal effect joysticks. Meaning these will never experience that annoying joystick drift that has been plaguing the Switch, as well as other modern gaming consoles. Getting back to the USB-C, plugging directly into the Switch means that there’s no Bluetooth/wifi to deal with, which removes any latency, making this a lag-free experience. It also features gyro support, four rear programmable buttons, swappable thumb sticks, and rumble support.

Nitro Deck Gamecube Themed

Lastly, CRKD states their design is comfortable to hold, which would mean less fatigue while holding the Switch during long gaming sessions.

It all sounds amazing, but there’s a downside, the Nitro Deck doesn’t have an amiibo scanner, so it doesn’t support amiibos. But if you don’t use them, then I suppose there’s no problem here.

Currently, the Nitro Deck comes in three different variants; Base ($59.99), Limited (89.99), and Limited Run Games edition (89.9). The Base Edition comes in Black, White, and Grey. While the Limited Editions are more nostalgic and come in Gamecube Purple (I told you all it was purple) and Super Nintendo Classic Grey. The Limited Run Games versions look like those plastic water guns we used as a child and come in Glaicer Blue and Atomic Purple. Sadly, at the time of this article, the Limited Run Games editions are all sold out.

All of the Nitro Decks are available for preorder, with the preorders shipping out in September 2023. Needless to say that while I’m not the biggest fan of the Switch, this is an interesting device, and I’ve already placed an order for the Super Nintendo-looking one.

Look forward to our review once we finally get one in our hands.