Babylon 5: The Road Home, Babylon 5 The Road Home

Babylon 5 The Road Home Gets First Trailer

It’s been an interesting time for fans of the classic sci-fi series Babylon 5. There’s a potential reboot that may or may not happen. It’s a bit complicated right now. However, something we KNOW will happen is a brand-new animated adventure set within the canon of the show called Babylon 5 The Road Home. The adventure will arrive this August, and today, we got our first look at the animation for the film, and it looks pretty good.

The story will start within the timeline of Season 5. John Sheridan has gone to the Minbari homeworld with his wife, Delenn, to christen the new home base of the Interstellar Alliance. However, things go wrong, and Sheridan gets “unstuck in time.” He bounces through timelines and is at risk of being forever unstuck if he doesn’t get back to Babylon 5 and fixes things. Many of the original cast has returned for this, including Bruce Boxleitner as John Sheridan, Claudia Christian as Commander Ivanova, and more. Check out the full trailer for Babylon 5 The Road Home below!