Xbox Game Showcase and Starfield Direct Set to Take Place on Sunday, June 11

Microsoft has revealed when its new Xbox Game Showcase will take place, and it will all go down on June 11, 2023. Xbox will reveal several upcoming titles from its 1st party and 3rd party studios during this showcase. That’s not all, as we’ll finally get a deep-dive look at Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG, Starfield.

Xbox Game Showcase will take place on June 11, 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET and will be hosted on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Following the showcase, the Starfield Direct will take place.

Then, a few days later, Xbox will live stream an Xbox Game Showcase Extended, a follow-up to the Xbox Game Showcase, and provide more in-depth information and interviews that couldn’t be squeezed into the Xbox Game Showcase live stream.

Now, I don’t think it needs to be said, but this Xbox Showcase will be a “make-it-or-break” moment for Xbox. With the recent release of Redfall, which has had a mixed reception, with gamers are looking toward Xbox to see what else they’ve been working on.

While we already know that the rebooted Forza Motorsport is in development, what about Fable, Perfect Dark, Avowed, Everwild, Gears 6, and Hellblade 2? These are also major titles that will be coming from the Xbox camp, and in the minds of many (mine included), Xbox needs to show off these games or at least provide an update on these games. Seeing something completely new wouldn’t hurt, either.

Are you looking for something specific to be shown or announced? Or are you merely interested in the Starfield Direct? Let us know in the comments.