Forza Motorsport Developer Direct-04

Forza Motorsport (2023) is Looking Like a Proper Next-Gen Racing Title

During the Xbox Developer Direct, Turn 10, the team behind the upcoming Forza Motorsport, revealed some juicy information that Xbox and PC racing fans will love.

Right out of the gate, several of Turn 10 Studios members talked about their respective departments and what they were working. Forza Motorsport will feature over 500 cars, 800 unique upgrades.

The game will sport greater physics system than that of Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Motorsport 6, and Forza Motorsport 7, which will affect how each car accelerates and brakes.

The game’s paints have been sourced using a spectrophotometer, which is a tool that measures the intensity of light as a beam of light passes through and on surfaces. Doing this will give the car paints a much more realistic look. While damage and dirt build-up will be unique for car, and that’s exciting.

Forza Motorsport Developer Direct-01

Forza Motorsport will be the best-sounding game in the series ever, and will support Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic. Sparing no expense, the team has rebuilt the audio system from the ground up. Every car will have a unique sound, which will be modified depending on which upgrades are applied to the cars, such as turbos, different tires, and more.

The game will include 20 different racing locations – all built from the ground up. These locations will include fan favorites and five locations new to the Forza Motorsport series, such as the South Africa Kyalami International Circuit. Each track was created using over three terabytes of highly-detailed photogrammetry and laser-scanned data. All of this will allow for much more detailed locations, making those tracks come to life in ways that weren’t possible before with animated track life, physically-based lighting, volumetric fog effects, and a fully procedural cloud system that evolves on its own.

Forza Motorsport Developer Direct-02

For the first time in the Forza Motorsport series, a fully dynamic time-of-day system, complete with weather, will change the racing conditions dynamically. This has been a sore subject with the Forza Motorsport community, and I’m glad to see that this is finally a reality.

Turn 10 is rending the entire game in 4k 60FPS with real-time Ray Tracing, on track, to create true-to-life reflections on all smooth mirror and flat glass surfaces. This means when you’re looking at a smooth surface, you’ll see real-time reflections, and no longer will the rear-view mirrors or side mirrors look unnatural.

So what does all of this mean? It means that the reimagined (or rebooted) Forza Motorsport will make racing game fans on the Xbox and PC platforms, very happy. I’m already drooling.