The Case of the Golden Idol

The Case of the Golden Idol Sneaks Onto Switch This Week

Have you heard of The Case of the Golden Idol? The indie mystery game flew under folks’ radars last year, but many of those who played the game loved it. Available for PC and Mac, the Color Gray Games title will hopefully discover even more of an audience once it arrives on Switch this week—May 25th, to be precise.

The detective game published by Playstack tasks players with uncovering the mystery around the titular Golden Idol. Much like the Hope Diamond, this rare artifact has brought death to those around it for years. As a detective in the 18th century, it’s up to you to solve 12 murders connected to the idol, spanning 50 years.

The retro-styled game received much praise for its design and narrative. And the trailer for its Switch release makes no bones about it:

As you explore and gather clues, you can reconstruct the circumstances around each murder and then fill in the suspect, motive, and murder weapon. It bears some similarities to Return of the Obra Dinn. And the creator of that game, Lucas Pope, has in fact praised The Case of the Golden Idol for its “fantastic art, great mysteries, and rewarding, methodical gameplay.”

Players can uncover the mystery of the idol this coming week, and even pick up the prequel DLC, The Spider of Lanka, which recently released. The Case of the Golden Idol will arrive on Switch this Thursday, available on its own or bundled with its DLC.