Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Successor Won’t Arrive Until Next Spring “At The Earliest”

There’s been plenty of talk about the Nintendo Switch and its future over the last year or so. Many felt that the “Pro Version” of the Switch would come soon, but it didn’t, and that was with MANY people saying one would come. However, Nintendo has stayed the course with the main line of three Switch types, and it’s been paying off. Even in its 7th year of life, the console is still selling well, and it’s cranking out games that are million-sellers. But the fact remains people want to know when something new is coming.

Enter Nikkei Asia, who claims to have a source who knows what’s going on with the Nintendo Switch successor by stating:

“Development seems to be progressing well,” they said. “But a product launch won’t happen before next spring at the earliest.”

That lines up with previous statements by Nintendo, where the company said they weren’t in a rush to unleash a new console when their current one is doing well. But even they’ve admitted that they’re stretching things with their expectations for the system going forward. So that likely means we may hear something soon enough.