Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage and Others Join Switch Million-Sellers Club

One of the things that Nintendo fans look forward to when new financial information comes out about the Switch is seeing how the latest games have done. 2023 has been off to a big start, with Nintendo bringing multiple 1st party games for players to enjoy. The biggest of the set was Fire Emblem Engage. The title was the latest in the beloved strategy RPG franchise, and it was one that embraced the history of the past games while forging its own path.

Fans and critics liked it (read our review!), but how would it do in sales? As we found out via the Nintendo Quarter results, it did quite well! It sold 1.61 million units between its launch in January and the end of March. That’s not too bad for the series. Plus, it wasn’t the only million-seller of that quarter as the remasters of Kirby and Samus Aran’s past games crossed the million unit mark too!

So as you can see, Nintendo is off to a great start. And they’re only days away from another big release that’ll definitely sell over a million units…