Glamour Guide: Live your fashion fantasy in FFXIV Online

In a land of dragons, world-ending robots, soul-sucking void demons, and rampaging gods, some people prioritize fighting these threats. However, some prioritize a higher calling… Fighting these threats in a glamour outfit that was meticulously put together by the most fashion-forward eye. Yours!

The critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV) houses an extensive fashion system called “Glamour”. It allows players to change one item of gear to look like another, with some players taking advantage of the Glamour Plate System, allowing preset appearances to be applied to outfits.


Let’s have a look at the steps involved to get started in the wonderful world of Glamour!

1 – There are three main quests to unlock the different systems of Glamour in FFXIV. All are given by the NPC Swyrgeim, found sitting in the town square of Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan, and are available from level 15.

  • “Color Your World” unlocks the ability to dye eligible gear
  • “If I Had a Glamour” unlocks the ability to Glamour gear using Glamour Prisms
  • “Absolutely Glamorous” unlocks the Glamour Dresser and Glamour Plates

2 – Next, you will need to source some Glamour Prisms, an item used to Glamour a piece of gear to look like another or to place an item into the Glamour Chest (GC). These can be obtained from multiple sources

  • Your Grand Company Quartermaster for 200 GC Seals
  • Endwalker FATE Vendors for six Bicolor Gemstones
  • Crafting
  • Market Board
  • Quests/Levequests

3 – Right-click on the gear that you want to change the appearance of and select “Cast Glamour”. This will open a window listing the gear you have in your inventory, select the appearance you want, and then hit cast.


4 – Your gear will have the appearance of whatever gear you selected!

“But the gear I want the appearance of is greyed out!” Well, this is where the Glamour rules come into play. There are only a couple, but they restrict what gear can be Glamoured!

  • The appearance gear must not exceed the gear level of the base gear. For example, you cannot make a level 15 piece of gear look like a level 50 piece of gear.
  • Both the base and appearance gear must be able to be equipped by the same Job and/or Class. For example, a chest piece for Disciples of War cannot be Glamoured to look like a chest piece for Disciples of Magic.

With all the gritty bits sorted, it’s time to show off your fashion! There are many places to source new gear, such as dungeons, raids, trials, quests, and vendors, and even the real money cash shop has wonderful outfits to get you started! If you get stuck on ideas, use Eorzea Collection for inspiration! Here players share photos of their Glamours along with the gear used to put it together. To find out where a specific piece of gear came from, click on it to go to the Eorzea Database listing, which will detail where to obtain it.


And now you know all you need to know to get started in the world of Glamour! To level up your skills, head to your inn room, where the Glamour Dresser can be found. Here, you can place appearance gear inside the dresser for one Glamour Prism per item, then use it to edit your Glamour Plates, which are preset outfits you put together using items placed within your dresser. You can then apply that glamour for free from the dresser forever! You can store up to 800 of your favorite appearances to use in the Glamour Dresser.


For those of you who want to show off your glamour to the world, then you can head over to the Gold Saucer and get your outfit judged. Each week, Lewena will release a Fashion Report, a challenge for you to gather items to fit a themed look. Players will receive 10,000 MGP for participating in the Fashion Report. Those who receive a rating of eighty points or more will receive an additional 50,000 MGP. Moreover, those who continue to participate in these challenges will gain access to Kasumi’s boutique, which contains unique items.

It is possible to undertake this challenge up to four times each week between Friday and the following Tuesday before a new theme has been decided. Use this to your advantage, and trade information with other adventurers to improve your results on subsequent attempts. Those of you who might need some help with the weekly Fashion Report can find a list through this link.

Now venture forth into the world of FFXIV, looking exactly the way you want with your masterpiece outfit! You could even upload your designs to Eorzea Collection to share your creations with the wider FFXIV community. Enjoy!