EA/Respawn issue apology over Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PC performance

EA and Respawn have apologized for the state of its recently released PC version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and sadly is something that the PC gaming scene has heard and seen too much of late.

As a person who has been a PC gamer since I was able to build my own PC, this trend has been extremely frustrating. On the hand, the issues experienced aren’t on the same level as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, yet that doesn’t excuse EA or Respawn for what’s currently going on.

EA Respawn Star Wars Jedi Survivor apology

Prior to the release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there were concerns that the game would not perform well on the PC. Those concerns were sadly warranted, as there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of reports about the game not running well on the PC. I’ve also encountered issues, but for the most part, the game ran well for me. Well, meaning I had a somewhat stable frame rate with stuttering at times, but not as frequent as others are experiencing. Still, I did notice that as I played through the game, the amount VRAM that the game was consuming was growing, which made my RTX 4090 start to sweat. I can only imagine how playing through the game for others was, as not everyone has a PC as powerful as mine. Following this, the issues aren’t isolated to the PC, as Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 owners are also exhibiting performance issues as well.

Regardless, PC gamers are getting tired of this happening, and are rightfully so upset. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was (is) a title that many a Star Wars fan and those who enjoy Fallen Order, wanted to get their hands on. After Respawn promised that it had learned from its prior release of Fallen Order, it made us all believe that there would not be a repeat… yet, here we are.

This is getting embarrassing on all levels. Not just with EA / Respawn, but with most AAA PC releases. We haven’t seen one AAA PC game that has been released over the past several years that didn’t have some sort of performance issue or wasn’t full of glitches and bugs. All the while, we have been eager to hand over our money, then have to wait for the hotfixes and patches to be rolled out.

Make no mistake, even if we do get games for free for review/impressions, it doesn’t mean we don’t understand the frustration. Maybe games we purchased ourselves, even if or when we get review copies. Even still, we pride ourselves here by being completely honest and will tell our readers if something is busted. We did so in our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review, Wild Hearts review, The Last of Us Part 1 review, and, more recently, our Returnal review.

The fans deserve better, and too many developers are getting aware with this “apology” thing that it’s damned near Copypasta now. We don’t need excuses, we need you all to be better. If the game isn’t ready, then delay it. Sure, it will sadden a few of us, but if it’s for the greater good of the game and your reputation, then delay the game.

Please live up to your words, EA and Respawn. Fix the issues with the game, and win back our trust… again.