Xiaoyu Tekken 8
Screenshot via Bandai Namco Europe's YouTube Channel

Xiaoyu joins Tekken 8 roster with thrilling trailer

The stylish Xiaoyu is heading to Tekken 8, and a new gameplay trailer has been released Wednesday, showing her combo potential. Her quick punches and kicks look impactful as she strikes her enemies.

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for the fan-favorite Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken 8. Called the “Dancing Phoenix” this firecracker is shown kicking the ever-loving daylights out of King and Nina Williams. We get a further glimpse of the Times Square stage, and environmental destruction is shown as Xiaoyu pummels her opponent into some newspaper bins.

Bandai Namco also shows off her special move, which has her slamming the foe into the ground and adding a further combo string after a bounce. From the gameplay trailer, it is shown that Xiaoyu will be a fast-paced character who can land strikes rapidly and close gaps quickly with her sprint.

Xiaoyu’s finishing move has her spiraling around her opponent, striking almost every upper body part. Then, it all amounts to a Resengan-like attack, in which she strikes her palms into their stomach with enormous force. Her victory pose has her skipping and jumping in the air with glee. Overall, she looks like an impressive fighter in Tekken 8. 

So far, the Tekken 8 character roster is sticking to old favorites like Kazuya, Jin, King, Nina, and Xiaoyu. Hopefully, we’ll see a new character in the series in an upcoming trailer, perhaps at EVO. EVO is a Las Vegas tournament where the strongest fighting game players compete to call themselves the best.

Tekken 8 Xiaoyu
Screenshot via Bandai Namco Europes YouTube Channel

Tekken 8 currently has no release date, but it will be released on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Yes, it will be skipping last-generation consoles and the Nintendo Switch, sadly.