Tekken 8 King gameplay trailer – All hail the King

Geez, two Tekken 8 character reveals in one week? What’s going on, Bandai Namco? In the most recent Tekken 8 character reveal, we get some gameplay from the wrestling king (see what I did there?), King II.

That’s right, King II is back,  and he still knows his way around the ring, and in this gameplay trailer, he puts poor Paul Phoenix through a number of punishing moves and even gives a touching speech that we can’t understand.

What is interesting about this King, is the changes to his costume.  His left arm is in a sleeve, and has a light blue glove, while the right arm is sleeve-less, and sports a black glove, but does have an armband with some gems on it. He is also sporting some feathers on the back of his neck, and a necklace that has two different medallions on it. One of which has a “K,” the other with a picture of what appears to be the mask of King (Jaguar). Remember, this is King II, as King was killed by Orge e, so this may be King II’s way of honoring the first King. Either way, I’m loving the design.

TEKKEN 8 – King Gameplay Trailer-new costume

While we already knew that King would be part of the Tekken 8 roster, this Tekken 8 King gameplay trailer is his official reveal.

The Tekken 8 release date is unknown, and likely the game won’t be released until 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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