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Wild Hearts future content releasing in March and April, new Kemono to be added

The official Wild Hearts Twitter account has just revealed what new content that will be added to the game; the first to arrive will be in March and April 2023. This is just a sample of the Wild Hearts roadmap, with more to come later.

The March 10, 2023 update adds the Deeply Volatile Kemono Set, which includes the Hellfire Laharback Kemono, a variant of the Lavaback. This update will include a new quest and a new skill. Then on March 23, the Subspecies Kemono Set, and the Grimstalker, which is a variant of the Deathstalker (wolf). This update looks to be packed, as it will include a new quest, a new weapon and armor model, several high-difficulty quests, 3x emotes, and chat stamps. All of these updates will be free, so put your money away.

However, things will get interesting in April 2023, with several brand new Kemono being released into the game. One that looks like a nine-tailed fox, another bird that could be the Volatile Fumebeak, and a snake. Though, if these are supposed to be new Kemono, I could be wrong about the Fumebeak. I suppose time will tell.

Wild Hearts March April 2023 updates

Wild Hearts is Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force-developed hunting title that has been published by EA Originals and bares more than a few similarities to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, but it has succeeded in standing on its own, in my opinion. Sadly, poor performance on the consoles and PC, as well as a lack of advertisement, has hurt the game’s potential. I’m hoping that these updates will also include performance tweaks, as the game sorely needs them.

In regard, I’ve been hooked on this game. Ever since I started playing it, I’ve ranked up huge hours, and have played the game at every attempt I get. I’m hoping that Omega Force can turn things around in terms of performance, as that’s what has put a lot of people off regarding the game.

Despite this, I do believe that Wild Hearts has a promising future. The gameplay is fun and addicting, the Kemonos are a breath of fresh air, and the Karakuri system has spoiled me so much that I can’t it being surpassed in any other game. That, and the game doesn’t feature any microtransactions, in an age where most games will bleed you dry with so many MTXs being included.

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Wild Hearts is available now for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.