Nexon Launches A New Virtual World: Wars of Prasia in Korea

NEXON today announced the launch of a new MMORPG in Korea: Wars of Prasia.

Wars of Prasia

Wars of Prasia is a game that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, with rich graphics and deeply immersive gameplay on both PC and mobile platforms. The game disrupts the rules of traditional MMORPGs with an unprecedented degree of individual freedom. It’s a unique MMORPG where every player has a role in creating the story in a vast seamless world. Players can choose from 80 servers and join any association, own territory and manage it with others. 

There are 21 territories in Wars of Prasia’s massive siege map. All territories have similar values but each one features individual hunting grounds and boss difficulty, plus siege weapons. Another innovation in the game prevents a single guild from monopolizing multiple territories, which gives players greater freedom to explore, raid and hunt monsters.

For details, please visit Wars of Prasia official website and YouTube channel (Korean-language only).

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Source: Press Release